People Try Taiwanese Food

People try Taiwanese Food Mao and Then


My girlfriend Sara and our best friend Lysi trying Taiwanese food!

I had a lot of fun making this video, and I hope all of you will give Taiwanese food a try. I got all of the items from the local Asian market. In my opinion, ethnic grocery stores are the best ways to try another country’s food as well experiencing its cultures.

Food in this video:

  1. Rice roll 飯糰
  2. Steam bun 包子
  3. Fried dough with layered pastry 燒餅油條
  4. Hot dog scallion bun 熱狗麵包
  5. Fried rice noodles 炒米粉
  6. Braised pork over rice 滷肉飯
  7. Braised pig ears and beef 滷味

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