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What’s the best part about interracial dating? Besides sharing each other’s cultures, it’s the many funny moments due to our different cultural background!

Even though I have been in the US for quite a few years now, there seem to never be a shortage of funny moments with my girlfriend Sara. Whether we are simply hanging out or eating at a restaurant,  meeting family members or traveling the world, there are always hilarious moments due to our different cultural backgrounds.

Sara grew up in the typical Midwestern suburbia America where people are friendly, generous, and want to make you feel at home. She triple-majored in Archeology, Classics, and Anthropology and had the opportunity to travel the world for some cool archaeological excavations. Sara didn’t really have much contact with the Asian culture besides her few Asian-American friends from school and her love for anime. Then she met me.


Interracial Dating - Sara at Mt. Rainier
Sara at Crystal Lake in Mountain Rainier


As for me, I consider myself a pretty typical Asian/ Taiwanese. You can read more about me here.  I once dated a Chinese girl at my college in Beijing, and there were a lot of cultural differences between China and Taiwan even though we speak the same language. Besides that, I had a fling here and there, nothing serious until I met Sara.

About two years after I came in the US,  I graduated, accepted a job offer, and was excited to start my career in another city. Then I met Sara. our mutual friend introduced us, and I knew she was something special. I decided to ditch the job and stay behind with Sara, even after knowing her just a month. Yep, that’s exactly what I did.

When you are dating someone new, there are always a fair amount of “figuring each other out”. In our case, we have cultural and racial differences added on. For me, I wouldn’t ask for it any other way as it really was part of the fun. Here are some of the funny moments of my interracial dating journey with Sara.


She gets a Fork at Chinese Restaurants

I stop counting the number of times this happens, and I still laugh every single time. It’s just really funny how people at Asian restaurants would just assume she can’t use chopsticks, and give her a fork instead. As a matter of fact, Sara uses chopsticks better than most Asians I know. In many instances, the server would actually take the chopsticks that are laying on the table away, and bring her out a fork.

This happens both in the US and Asia!

Some people could get seriously offended by this, but we just get a good laugh out of it. Can you imagine me getting a pair of chopsticks at a steakhouse? Asian people simply just don’t have this kind of sensitivity.


Mao and Then: Interracial Dating Funny Moments
Just another typical day at an Asian restaurant


(Click here to watch Sara trying Taiwanese food!)


What about Your Right Handle?

One day at the beach, Sara asked me to rub sunscreen on her back, and told me to make sure I got her hips. I told her not to worry, and that “I wouldn’t miss her left and right handles.”

“…What?!” Sara burst out laughing.

Apparently she had been saying “love handle” not “left handle” whenever she talked about her hips. I always wondered why she never talked about her right handle…

This is probably Sara’s favorite.


Interraical Dating: What about your right handle?
“What about your right handle?”




Do you Throw Spaghetti at Weddings?

One day we were chatting about wedding traditions, and Sara asked me if we threw rice at people at weddings? I got super offended immediately because I thought because we are Asians so we would throw rice? So I shot back, “Do you throw spaghetti at people’s weddings?”

Sara burst out laughing. Apparently I didn’t know that it’s a tradition that people tossing rice at the newlyweds as they leave the wedding.

Joke’s on me.



That Foreigner who Covers her Face at the Night Market in Taiwan

When we were visiting one of the night markets in Taiwan, Sara was having the time of her life. All the sights and foods and different shops to look at were like something out of a dream for her.

Then we passed a stinky tofu stand.

Sara immediately stopped in her tracks with a pained expression on her face. She had to cover her face with a scarf because of the smell of the stinky tofu (臭豆腐), a fermented tofu delicacy. As we walked quickly away she took in a gulp of fresh air. “What was that smell?!” When I told her it was a food that many people loved, her mouth dropped open. Whenever we passed another stand, her scarf went right back over her face. “Yep, I’m that foreigner tonight,” she laughed.




Hey! It’s Jesus Right?

“Hey, it’s Jesus right?” I greeted the driver as I hopped in an Uber with Sara. I pronounced Jesus like “Jesus our lord and savior.”

“Yeah…” the driver replied quietly and reluctantly.

Sara just burst out laughing while apologizing to the driver. “Sorry Jesus (pronounced Hey-sus), I don’t think he’s heard that name before.”

This actually happened only a few months ago. I can’t believe that I had never met a guy named Jesus after all these years in America!

Pardon my ESL (English as a Second Language).


Interracial Dating - Pardon my ESL
Pardon my ESL!

It’s bad luck to break tree branches during Chinese New Year

Teasing Sara is probably one of my biggest joys in life. When we were in Taiwan for Chinese New Year, she saw this flower on the tree so she bent the branch to get the flower.

“It’s bad luck to break branches during Chinese New Year,” I said with an accusing tone.

“Oh no!” She looked around to see if anyone was glaring at her. “Not again! I’m so sorry!” Just this morning she had walked into my parent’s shrine room with her shoes on (a big no-no), and I had to explain that it was disrespectful. Now she thought she had broken another cultural custom.

“Nah!” with a smirk.

You gotta have fun sometimes.


Final Thoughts

Even though that we are now in the digital age, when it comes to race and cultures, people are still oftentimes limited to stereotypes and sometimes misconceptions. Personally, I think interracial dating or dating someone who’s from a different culture is one of the best ways to learn about the world outside of your own. Not only will you have so much fun discover each other’s differences, you will also learn to move past any stereotypes you thought you knew.



Do you have funny interracial dating moments with your significant others? Comment below!



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  1. Josh

    This gave us a good laugh! The love handle confusion is something we can relate to! We actually make jokes because my fiance knows more about American culture than I do sometimes! I’ve never seen the godfather which is a must see movie for anyone who lives here. And I only recently watched all the star wars films. I also don’t watch football or any sports really… Lol. I’ll leave you with one of our own language barrier moments. Back in the day we went to a steakhouse and one of the entrees listed was a beefsteak tomato. So she orders it thinking she’ll get a steak with tomato on top or something. But boy was she surprised when all she got was a plate full of tomatoes! Neither of us knew “beefsteak” is a type of tomato lol

    1. Post

      Yes! Godfather is a must. Hahaha I had no idea about the beefsteak tomato, I would’ve been on the same boat as well! Gotta love these moments!

  2. Jing

    Hahah left and right handles. That’s got to be the best I’ve heard. As someone in an interracial relationship, I can’t say my bf uses chopsticks better than me, but he may have developed a greater love for pig ear than me.

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