6 Shocking Dating Differences between Western and Asian Girls!

Mao and Then, Differences between dating asian girls and western girls


I am fortunate enough to have lived in a few different countries: Taiwan, China, and the US. Throughout the years I immersed myself to different cultures and dated girls who’s cultural backgrounds were different from mine. With different cultural backgrounds, a lot of times it was fun with tons of lol moments and sometimes, well, not so much…

Below are some of the major and most common differences you will find between western and Asian girls when it comes to dating.

(Disclaimer: I can only speak in general terms based on my own experiences. There are way too many differences among various cultures and individuals. Thus, it’s impossible to list all the differences and nuances. For the purpose of this post, I will focus on east Asian girls vs. US. girls)



Asian girls are more of a foodie

Chain cultures are not nearly as big in Asia as it’s in the US. In Asia, you can always find mom-and-pop vendors with delicious street foods in almost every corner. People like going to different restaurants and finding secret menu items that everyone’s talking about. It’s almost an obsession with food in Asia.

One of the girls I dated in the US, it would almost be something wrong with her if she didn’t stop by one of the fast food chains in one day. Burger King’s chicken fingers were her go to, and I must admit they were good before my vegan days.

When I first moved to the US I was shocked to learn that people would have burgers and fries all the time if not daily. Those were considered as junk or no-no food in Asia. I was like “this is awesome”! I would never have to go out of my way to eat fries. The chain culture is simply big in the US. It is changing though.

I am lucky that my girlfriend Sara loves trying different ethnic foods with me. One of our favorite things to do is to go to random ethnic grocery stores and try out some not-so-familiar stuff.


Taiwan Night Market
Night market in Taiwan with tons of street vendors!



Western girls tend to be more religious

Very few people I knew were religious in Asia. Especially China, where majority of the population (like 99.95%) are atheists due to Communist China. You’d rarely have religious arguments such as evolution, abortions, sex before marriage…etc. Taiwan on the other hand follows Buddhism, but it is less influential with the younger generations.

Now, introducing my super religious ex, Ashley. I met her during swing dancing when I first moved to the US at age 20. I thought she was cute and plus she liked me, so why not? Little did I know that Ashley and her family were super religious. No alcohol, no touching beyond holding hands, gay people are sinful, and curfews… The best part? Her family took me to the Creation Museum for my birthday! For those of you who don’t know what the Creation Museum is, it is basically a mecca for very religious Christians. Just look it up and go! It is definitely something. (Did you know? There was a time that humans lived happily together with dinosaurs?) 

They were definitely one of the nicest families and people I have ever met, but it just didn’t workout for me. (Disclaimer: I am not against any religions or anything. I support diversity and respect all religions.)





Western girls are wayyyy more outdoorsy

Asian girls especially east Asian girls are obsessed with keeping their skin as light as possible. That’s why you see so many Asian girls with umbrellas under the sun in Asia. That being said, Asian girls are probably not the most outdoorsy people. Their choices of fun are going to movies, shopping, and eating for the most part. I was a lot less outdoorsy too besides playing sports when I lived in Asia.

As you could guess, going to beaches are not as popular in Asia. That’s why westerners enjoy Asian beaches so much, because they would basically have to whole beach to themselves since Asians don’t want to get tanned.

I love how Sara loves doing outdoorsy stuff. We enjoy taking our dog Buddy out to the woods, tubing, hiking, diving, basically all the outdoorsy stuff. I was definitely a lot less outdoorsy before I met her. Us Asian people living in big cities just don’t get out that much typically. Which is a shame consider Taiwan has all the mountains and beaches that I didn’t get to take enough advantage of.


Mao and then: Sara at Mountain Rainier
Sara at Crystal Lake Mount Rainier



Asian girls tend to be more domesticated

Maybe this has to do with the traditional Chinese culture where women traditionally would take care of all business inside the home, while guys would go out and work. For some reason, many guy friends I have in Asia tend to prefer the trait of a more domesticated girlfriend. This one friend in particular would always post pictures of the food his “wife” cooks him (he calls his girlfriend “wife” even though they are not married, this is not too uncommon in China).

Personally I could careless. I am actually way more domesticated than Sara when it comes to housework and cooking.



Asian girls tend to fight with you less

I have heard a couple of times that the reason western guys like Asian women is because Asian women are more “obedient”. Many Asian girls get offended by this, and myself even to a certain degree. “Obedient” is not the right word in my opinion. I think perhaps “mellow” is a better word.

It makes sense that Asian girls tend to be more domesticated would correlated with them being more mellow, or would tend to follow more of what the guy says. It was the case when I dated my girlfriend in China. We would rarely fight, and she would tend to listen to what I said.

Personally I treat relationships as two-way streets. I actually secretly like the fact that Sara would sometimes argue with me. The fact that we can both stand up to what we believe in and fought for ourselves enable us to combined the best of both of us. (Sara, this is not an encouragement for you if you are reading this…lol)

I definitely find western girls have more of an opinion and would stand up for themselves wayyyy more than most Asian girls, which I think is a great trait.





Asian girls like cutesy stuff

This should be no surprise to you that Asian girls like cutesy stuff. Especially the Japanese and Taiwanese culture. Guys and girls both like everything cutesy which makes sense with the points above.

So my ex in China named Lynn made me this stuff animal one time for my birthday. Something very similar pictured below. At first glance, I was like “what da heck is this?” She immediately bowled her eyes out. Lynn apparently spent 12+ hours sewing it and wanted the stuff animal to be my emotional support when she can’t be with me. She also named it “Xiao Ke” as in “Little Cute”. I felt bad and somehow grew a liking towards the stuff animal overtime. I still remember my Canadian roommate would walk into my room, and every time he couldn’t help but stare at the stuff animal and be like “what da fuck is that?”


Mao and Then Stuffed animal
My ex made me a stuffed animal that looked very similar to this


For girls in the US, you should definitely try sewing a stuff animal for 12+ hours that looked like mine and give it to your college boyfriend and see what happens 😀



Do you have some interesting cultural differences in your relationships that you’d like to share? Comment below!


Photo credit: Stuffed animal



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