Hey, I am Mao! I started Mao & Then to document my passion for traveling, learning different cultures, and creating an unconventional lifestyle.

I was born and raised in the beautiful island of Taiwan, and at age 13, my family moved to Shanghai China where I attended international schools. The seed and passion of traveling the world was planted then as I was fascinated by all the different cultures and languages of my fellow classmates who were all from different countries.

Traveling brings me new perspectives and energy. The best part is simply by just being there and live in the moment. To me, traveling is not about counting the numbers of countries you have visited. Instead it’s about learning about the local people and culture. I am not a big fan of mainstream medias as they are in the business of generating buzz and news rather than going beyond the surface. In addition to travel guides and tips, I will incorporate as much personal experience and encounters as possible to bring you more of an intimate experience with Mao & Then.


I immigrated to the United States at age 20. Coming from a traditional Taiwanese background, there are a lot of cultural differences between east and west. I have tons of hilarious cultural and ESL (English as a second language) moments, especially from dating Sara, my gorgeous girlfriend of 5 years. Even though we now live in the digital age, when it comes to cultures, people still tend to be limited to stereotypes and often misconceptions. I hope Mao & Then would make the gaps between east and west smaller through my posts and videos.

Another goal of Mao & Then is to keep myself accountable on transitioning out of corporate America. Having worked for a few years after graduation, I enjoyed the rising income and comfort corporate America brings. However, I have never been truly happy even though I couldn’t have asked for better jobs. I noticed that people around me, including myself, are caught up in the rat race rather than focusing what matters most to them. As I am preparing for this big change, I am less and less afraid leaving the comfort of corporate America. Instead, I am more excited for the new and unconventional lifestyle I will create for myself while pursuing my passions.

Please don’t be shy and say hi as I would love to hear from you!